PMA have done our accounts for 3 years now and we are very happy with the level of knowledge and service that they provide

I would have no trouble recommending PMA to any of my business associates

I really can’t recommend Asif highly enough. The service he provides is excellent, both timely and in cost terms is very reasonable.

For me the main reason for going back to him time and again is that as someone who personally has no knowledge whatsoever of accounting, he puts me at ease.
It may sound a slightly odd thing to say, but I like to work with people who are more than willing and able to explain concepts in layman terms rather than coat everything in a glossy layer of buzz words / jargon.
Getting clear answers to my, at times stupid questions, makes a world of difference, and helps cement the trust.

I could go on, but to cut things short, in a slightly crude nutshell Asif is someone I pay to save me money, and I know that he goes that extra mile to do so. I really can’t fault the service he provides.

Asif is an extremely knowledgeable accountant. He is always available to offer advice and always meets deadlines. I have been very impressed with Asif’s service to date and have already recommended him to 2 of my business associates.