PMA Accountants has partnered with a leading online software provider to bring you a complete solution to GDPR compliance and training.

GDPR365 reduces the risk of non-compliance by giving businesses an intuitive cloud-based hub with customised, thoughtful workflows to simplify the compliance process by organising it into clear, simple and assignable tasks.

  • Find your optimum toolset¬†
    Complete a short initial assessment to find and enable exactly those GDPR compliance tools you need.
  • Simplify compliance
    Don’t let GDPR compliance work impact your fee earning potential. Simple checklists and workflows steer you through your journey to full compliance.
  • Reduce non-compliance risks
    Update all your privacy notices from a single location; log and report data breaches to avoid heavy penalties.
  • Train your staff
    It’s vital that your staff understand how to apply GDPR policies and procedures. Run professional online awareness and training programmes with no extra effort on your part.
  • Reduce costs
    An annual subscription can cost less than one day’s consultancy.
  • A tool for your clients
    Sell or recommend the system to your SME clients to help them comply. Generous discounts to help you create a valuable revenue stream.

GDPR is now a reality. The objective is now to stay compliant with a minimum amount of effort, our online solution is a simple and cost-effective route to initial and ongoing compliance and staff training.

Click here to view the GDPR 365 Brochure

Read More about GDPR here

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